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Francesca Moretti, for Labirramoretti fans, is a Roman girl, very sunny and sociable, who thanks to her charisma and her videos, especially those in which she dances, has managed to make a name for herself both on Instagram and TikTok. In social media she always tries to be 100% herself, just like in everyday life, so if you meet her live you will immediately see her true personality, very playful, who likes to laugh and joke a lot and of course the big smile never fails! By now everyone calls her ‘la birretta’ because of her stage name, which comes from her surname: ‘Moretti’. One thing she is crazy about is sushi, she would eat it from morning till night!

On instagram she is active every day because she loves to interact with her audience on a daily basis, which is also why the interaction she has with her followers is very high. She loves working out in the gym and as you can see from her posts she often shows off her physique with which she is finally comfortable.

122K – 50K Stories viewed

338K – 150K Tiktok viewed

6% donne – 94% uomini