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Kroma Marketing

Who we are

Kroma Marketing is a digital agency that coordinates relationships between companies and influencers by generating organic content promotion

Our Services

Kroma Marketing, through its network of contacts, promotes your business through influencer profiles with a fan base of between 10 and 100 thousand followers targeting your city or province, our agency in agreement with the client creates an ad hoc marketing plan based on the business in question and your needs.

Contact us to find out who the influencers are in your province.

How we work

1. Defining the company’s objectives and target audience
Before starting each project, we try to understand the customer needs as well as possible in order to define the final objective.

2. Content analysis
Once the needs are understood, we analyze the competitors and the client’s weaknesses and strengths.

3. Project development
Once the analysis is complete, we initiate the project. With the participation of the customer, we define the best strategy to achieve the goal.

4. Delivery and campaign launch
We coordinate the campaign in consultation with the influencer.

About us

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