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Kim Spolidoro, for fans K.I’m a Biker, is a 23-year-old motorcyclist and content creator from Genoa, Italy. Thanks to her passion for motorcycles from a young age, she has slowly made a name for herself through Instagram and YouTube in the Italian motorcycle scene. As of this year, in addition to her content creation activities on the road, she also participates in the trivento Supermoto championship in the Lady category, switching to the track. She has collaborated with different brands such as Yamaha Italia, TomTom, Stylmartin and many others and with different events such as the Women Motors Bootcamp and the Liguria Travel Show. Her efforts are focused on showing that women can be just as capable and integrated in this environment as men, despite the great prejudices that unfortunately still exist in this regard, and on spurring by example not to be stopped by fear in life’s experiences.¬†

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